What good is SEO if you can't track your growth?

Keeping our clients fully informed separates us from almost all other SEO firms out there.

Our reports comprehensively display all of the different aspects of our work. We've found that being transparent allows a deeper and continued trust to be established between clients and ourselves. It also helps our clients make educated decisions regarding their budget and areas of focus in the internet market.

It should be no surprise that our overall goal is results: increases in keyword ranking, building the strength and authority of your site, and bringing more unique visitors to see what you have to offer.

The following are the reports we utilize to keep you involved every step of the way and plan for the future of your campaign.

Keyword Ranking Report

Keyword rankings show us you're standing with Google. Positive gains in rankings let us know we're doing things right, but we know visibility of your site is only half the battle.

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Activity Report

SEO is an investment, and not one that should be done lightly. Our activity reports show what we've accomplished for your campaign in the last month. Even if you don't understand SEO, we believe clients should know what it is they're paying for. We will work hard on your campaign, but this is where we show and prove it.

Link Report

Our Link report shows keywords we've targeted with our links, the quality of the linking domain, and our written custom content. Link building is important to our campaigns, and rightly so, with a large percentage of search engine algorithms looking for links to your site. Quality is as important to us as it is to you, and we show it through our links.

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Traffic Report

Increased traffic is an overall result of the work we do and our traffic report is how we show it. From top positions for heavily trafficked keywords to greater visibility in less than obvious SERPs, we use every resource available to increase the amount of visitors to your site. While it's great to throw a party, it's even better when people show up.