About Infogenix

Infogenix, LLC - Utah web design
Infogenix started in 1998 as a web design and programming company. We specialize in high-end custom web development. In 2000, we started our online marketing and SEO department. Over the years, because we've built thousands of websites, we've gained a better understanding of SEO from a technical viewpoint. We can see the mechanics of SEO that many SEO firms cannot since we are developers. Also, because of our website development experience, we've become experts in the full online marketing spectrum, from SEO rankings to sales and conversion-rates from the website perspective. Finally, SEO requires a good amount of link building, which is very difficult for many SEO companies. Since we've worked on so many sites, we have a good list of websites to place good-quality links. We build thousands of links per month and see success for many clients.