Are Local Customers Key
to Your Business Success

If you are a plumber, attorney, roofer, dentist or anyone who depends on local clients for your business then we can help. Optimizing your site for the local search results will help to position your business to the people who matter to you the most.

Local Marketing

The importance of putting a physical location to a Company name is without comparison as it helps potential clients know that they're dealing with a REAL business who works with REAL people. Our Local Search Marketing manifests:

  • Increased and sustained visibility in Local searches
  • Consistent Name, Address, and Place information on Local Sites all over the web (Foursquare, Mapquest, Yahoo! Local, Yelp etc.)
  • Unquestionable industry and search relevancy in the eyes of search engines across the board

Local Relevancy

A determining factor in having your site show up on search results is your relevancy to what is being searched. Putting an emphasis on your location and services will allow search engines to know your exact location and the services you provide for that location.

  • We will revise and rework on-site content and Meta Tags to increase relevancy in the eyes of search engines
  • Optimizing the Local page and including videos and pictures of actual location will benefit both rankings and visitor engagement
  • Obtaining citations (mentions of your Business name, address, and phone number) will help us raise Places page visibility due to what search engines would call increased "popularity" of your business.

Duplicate Listings

Locate and request to consolidate duplicate listings so all reviews and citations will be counted towards one location.


These are found on your Google Places page. Offers are a flyer or coupon that allows your client access to any special deals or offers you're running at a specific time. Using promotions such as these can help increase click through rates and phone calls.