Link Building Services

At Utah Search Engine Optimization we have put years of hard work into matching our methods with the newest search engine algorithms. This algorithm may be constantly changing, but we know what search engines want to see in a website. Link placement to high Page Rank and Authority sites across the web have allowed us to help our clients obtain the rankings they want even on a budget, as building so many links each month allows us to keep our services affordable.

Links make up the 50 60% of what search engine algorithms use to determine ranking, our hard-core focus on link building allows us to do more than see a jump in ranking; providing you with a solid foundation for the rest of your sites existence.


Links create a path for websites to connect to your site, sharing with you positive or negative repute they have acquired throughout its life on the web. It is through these paths that the search engines can judge the popularity of your site. Not all links to your site are created equal; it is important to get a good variety of links to your site.

In marketing, as with link building, acquiring a wide variety of reliable and influential contacts is essential to the success of your company. Next, try thinking of each individual link you attempt to acquire as a promising business contact, every link/contact having its own attributes that can contribute to the potential success of your site. Seeking out links is much the same as seeking out business partners; you'll want a partner who has a network of their own contacts and a robust reputation.

Link types are divided into three main categories:
  • Authority (similar to PageRank)
  • Quantity (number of links)
  • Relevancy (anchor text keywords)
Each search engine algorithm is varied through what it factors to determine rankings. It's important for us to keep current with the different algorithms, as each change determines how we alter our strategy for your campaign.

Link Building Strategy

Our plan of attack is tailored to each client depending on their budget and the timeframe in which they would like to see maximum results. Focusing on all three types of links builds strength in a website that will not disappear.
We target:
  • Blogs - Blogs have revolutionized the way people share information across the internet. If you type a question into any search engine there is a significant chance more than a few blogs will show up on the first page. As opposed to your average site without link building, blogs tend to steadily increase in authority and rankings due to the fresh content that is continually produced. These are only a few of the reasons we seek out and obtain links from reputable blogs across the web.

  • Quality Directories - While it is commonly thought that directories were a SEO strategy of the past, there are still many benefits from attaining links from these online business guides. The key lies in separating the good directories from the bad. This is done by identifying whether or not a directory is human edited, family friendly, and actively listing new businesses.

  • Content Rich Articles - Search engines are in love with fresh content filled to the brim with authoritative information. These articles not only drive your target demographic to your site, but build trust and reputation with the search engines you are striving to rank in.

  • Press Releases - Press Releases - Press releases are the best way to let the community that surrounds you be aware of what recent and exciting things are happening with your company. This is a successful way in which you advertise new deals and programs to your potential clients. The goal of SEO is ranking in search engines AND attracting new patrons to your site.

  • Link Placements - Link placements are where marketing skills are truly tested. While establishing relationships and gaining trust with webmasters all, we are able to build your websites strength and authority in a way that lasts.
Link building is very affordable for small, medium, and corporate level businesses. We invite you to meet with us so your website can start showing the positive results that come from link building.