Keyword Research can make or break your SEO campaign. Listen carefully.

Your keywords are the foundation of your campaign. Every other task from content to conversion depends on the selected keywords.

What determines whether a keyword will be effective or not? Well we have included 3 factors that will help make your keyword selection process a little easier.


Some keywords will convert better than others within your industry. If a keyword does not generate customers then it makes sense not to target it. The trick is to find this information out before you start shoveling money into your campaign. We put all prospective keywords through a conversion quality assesment to gauge the quality of the keyword.

Relevance and Geo-Relevance

Relevance refers to how well search terms match up to your products and offerings. A quick tip is to always be relevant. An example of being Geo Relevant is to target location specific cities and state within where your services can be provided. Just because you are not located in an exact city does not mean you can not optimize for the more popular keywords.

Volume and Difficulty

In many cases people want to target the keywords that have the most volume. In most cases these keywords are also the most difficult to go after. We are not saying to go after the easiest keywords with no traffic either, just that there needs to be a balance between two. If there is one thing our experience has taught us it is that we know how to pick keywords for maximum effectiveness.